We provide externships, internships, and summer employment opportunities for veterinary students attending AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) accredited schools. We participate in the AAEP Avenues program which is designed to encourage current veterinary students and new graduates to take advantage of the practical training in medicine and practice management offered by AAEP-member practices. Externships and internships allow students and new veterinarians to learn and perfect technical and client skills.  Our practice benefits from the enthusiastic participation of the extern or intern, as well as their access to recent clinical information and new ideas. Students get opportunities to work with our doctors on a variety of cases and species.


Katlyn Rosenbaum

To everyone at SWTVMC, I wanted to say how “beary” thankful I am for “owl” you’ve done for me these last two weeks.  I never felt “irrelephant” and being included in activities both in and outside work was “toadally” awesome.  After my time at the clinic, I feel I am better “koalified” and ready to move forward in my journey to get my DVM. I ain’t “lion” when I say everyone helped “meowt” and the support was “pawsitively” amazing.  I was never “boared,” and the memories I made while here will always be held “deer.”  Now that you’ve read the “sealiest” thank you card ever, “alpaca” my things and get “otter” here.  One to the next adventure!

Katlyn Rosenbaum, Class of 2019, Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine


Flora Braissand

jaclyn_long_pic“As a student between my 3rd and 4th year from National veterinary school of Lyon, in France, I chose an externship at SWTVMC because it is a progressive mixed animal practice. I always wanted to travel to Texas. It was an amazing experience for me. I enjoyed many hands on opportunities. The experience reinforced all my school lessons. I am very grateful towards the vets and technicians here for answering my questions and sharing their knowledge and expertise. I enjoyed the doctors letting me assist in surgery and helping me understand everything with my non- native language. This experience will be so useful in my studies and my professional career. It was also so interesting for me to see how American veterinarians practice compared to French ones. I will bring back to France some different concepts. I will never forget my stay here. SWTVMC is a really great place for students to learn and practice. Everyone here was so friendly towards me. Thank you so much for these past three weeks and all the memories. I hope to have the chance to see you all again.”

Brandi Roberts

“I chose to complete an externship at SWTVMC during my 4th year of veterinary school after hearing rave reviews from friends. From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and part of the team! The doctors were truly amazing at mentoring me thorough each case, listening to my thoughts and answering my questions. The receptionists and technicians were highly trained and a blast to work with.

While there, I saw a variety of cases each day- in the clinic as well as out on ambulatory calls. Specific areas I wanted to excel in were ultrasonography, cytology and surgery. Everyone went out of their way to include me in cases and ensure I got as much experience possible. I never felt like I was slowing the team down or asking too many questions. My time in Uvalde was invaluable and flew by too fast. I am so grateful for this experience, thank you SWTVMC team!!!”

Brandi Roberts, class of 2018, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

Nicholas Kiefer

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“I chose to do an externship at SWTVMC during my fourth year of veterinary school on the recommendation of my classmate, Brenda. She raved about her time here, and I quickly found that it was everything I was hoping for and more. I only wish I could spend more than just two weeks here!

The entire staff of veterinarians, technicians, and receptionists are committed to providing high quality medical care to their community. They welcomed me with open arms and were so willing to teach but also so willing to listen when I had ideas, as well. Their commitment to staying current and up to date on all the latest advances in veterinary medicine is one thing I believe truly sets this practice apart.

I am forever grateful for the time I spent in Uvalde – I learned so much and experienced a practice that truly cared about the animals (and people) it served.  I highly recommend it to any student seeking a mixed animal externship, and to anyone looking for an outstanding clinic for their pet!”

Thank you for everything, SWTVMC!  I’ll miss y’all.

Shari A. Mahoney

Shari Web Pic

“My externship at Southwest Texas Veterinary Medical Center was my last clinical rotation before I entered the “real world” of veterinary medicine. I found this mixed animal practice in a small town online and have realized this was a great decision to come here! I was treated like I was one of the doctors, with supervision. The mentorship from all the doctors at the practice was invaluable, and I loved that I was encouraged to ask questions. The staff was very welcoming and helpful. I encourage any veterinary student that is looking to learn a lot and does not mind working hard to do an externship at SWTVMC.”

Shari A. Mahoney, Class of 2016

Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Brenda Canalichio


“This summer, I have been interning at Southwest Texas Veterinary Medical Center. I chose this vet clinic because it is a true mixed animal practice with an outstanding reputation. My goal is to gain experience on veterinary cases in a different part of Texas and SWTVMC is a place where I can accomplish that. I am fortunate to be working with such wonderful doctors and staff learning what my heart desires. Every morning, I go to work eager to find out what I will learn next and what kind of animal will walk in the door. I have seen many new cases and gained invaluable information that will help my future veterinary career. I am thankful for working at this great place and fulfilling my passion for helping animals. I highly recommend SWTVMC to veterinary students wanting to work in a rural area or with a variety of animals.” Brenda Canalichio, Class of 2017, Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine

Jaclyn Long

jaclyn_long_picMy externship at Southwest Texas Veterinary Medical Center was an all-around great experience! All of the doctors and staff were friendly and welcomed me in to their tight knit practice. The doctors were great at explaining their thought process as we worked through cases and related past experiences to help me understand. They always made time to answer my many questions about the medical side of things, as well as all of the challenges that come along with being a new veterinarian. They helped give me confidence that I would succeed after graduation. This is such a great practice in the medicine they practice, the teamwork of the staff, and the care given to every patient and client. Thank you SWTVMC for showing me the type of practice I hope to work in and teaching me so much!