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Southwest Texas Veterinary Medical Center is a full service medical and surgical facility. We offer comprehensive diagnostic, medical and/or surgical services, including wellness care to both small and large animal patients.  Routine vaccinations and wellness care, farm/ranch and house calls are available by appointment.


  • Vaccinations – Our veterinarians make preventative care recommendations customized for your pets based on their age, medical history and lifestyle.
  • Diagnostic Laboratory – In many cases we can have your pet’s bloodwork results ready within 20 minutes.
  • Digital Radiology – Digital x-rays are faster and provide more detail than traditional radiographs.
  • Ultrasound – Ultrasound is commonly used to detect pregnancy as well as evaluating internal organs.
  • Anesthesia – We use modern injectable and gas anesthesia depending on our patient’s needs. We use Cardell monitors for patients undergoing anesthetic procedures.
  • Surgery – We offer a wide range of surgery services for cats, dogs, pigs, goats, rabbits and other pets.
  • Dentistry – Our small animal patients benefit from predental full mouth radiographs as well as ultrasonic scaling and polishing.
  • Boarding – Our boarders enjoy clean comfortable kennels as well as twice daily leash walks.
  • Hospitalization
  • Dietary Management-Purina Veterinary Diets
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology-C-sections, Spays and Neuters
  • Emergency/On call Services


  • Equine Endoscopic Airway Evaluation
  • Equine Endoscopic Gastric Exam
  • Ultrasound
  • Vaccinations
  • Lameness Evaluation
  • Equine Reproduction services
  • Equine Digital Radiography
  • Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Federal Coggins Testing Laboratory
  • Field Call Services
  • Emergency/On Call Servies
  • Castrations
  • Equine Dental Disease Evaluation/Performance Float


  • Bovine Trich Testing
  • Bovine Fertility Testing
  • Health Certificates
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Fecal Egg Counts
  • Field Call Services


  • Health certificates
  • Herd Health Management/Consultation services
  • Fecal Egg Counts
  • Field Call Services
  • CWD Testing